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Originally Posted by FishFlow View Post
I tried a rex style for a 100g, chamber would just fill up with co2 (wouldn't difuse fast enough, even added a disc disfuser inside the chamber) Finally got a gla inline atomic. Tons of bubbles in the tank now, but am able to get to green with one difusser.
The atomic inline looks would say that I should most likely get that then? I have two eheim 2217's it would work with those? The tank I'm talking about is the 75 in my sig, I guess if I did this I would attach it to the filter on the left side since it would be closer to the co2 tank itself and closer to the korelia (which I guess would be good since it would spread the co2 out more)

My outlet from my filter is rather high in the tank though, but does that matter any?

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