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Originally Posted by sub-80 View Post
I haven't solved my problem yet. I really can't see the algae that well in your
pic. But it does look similar to it. Every website and every person I spoke with told me this remove most of it mechanically and do a 30% water change, weekly. There is a source for the algae either excess fertilizer or hidden dead fish. I know reducing light for to 3 hours a day did nothing. I was advised by the current Hobby customer service is to place fast growing plants at the area of the algae.

If you have a water test that can give accurate values, you could probably identify the source of the algae and dose to correct the ratio of nutrient. I am trying to get the a test kit to test the aquarium waters, going to get Seneye Reef.
My algae is attached to the top of the tank and is dangling down from the glass. You can see it better if you click on the photo i think.
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