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Originally Posted by stardm View Post
Is this similar to what you are dealing with?
I have had marine tanks and fresh water for many years but never had algae like this before. Usually just on the glass, scrape it off and have a nice day.
I dont want to have this stuff floating around if i remove it improperly.
I opened the lid on my tank and it tried to pull me into the water!
What is the best way to get rid of this?
I haven't solved my problem yet. I really can't see the algae that well in your
pic. But it does look similar to it. Every website and every person I spoke with told me this remove most of it mechanically and do a 30% water change, weekly. There is a source for the algae either excess fertilizer or hidden dead fish. I know reducing light for to 3 hours a day did nothing. I was advised by the current Hobby customer service is to place fast growing plants at the area of the algae.

If you have a water test that can give accurate values, you could probably identify the source of the algae and dose to correct the ratio of nutrient. I am trying to get the a test kit to test the aquarium waters, going to get Seneye Reef.
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