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Originally Posted by jflng View Post
I've been using ecigs for almost a year, and haven't touched a cigarette in 8 or so months. They work, but I don't like them for many reasons. One day I'll get tired of dealing with the ecigs and quit those too.

Don't bother with the drugstore or mall kiosk ecigs. They're no good, and way overpriced. Get yourself a manual power eGo ecig, and order the juices from vendors online. Check here for info, advice, etc.

It is a poor method to intake nicotine, but it still works. It doesn't hit you as fast, but will make you spin after a few puffs of strong eliquid.

Ecigs are a crutch for your habit, but shouldn't be a permanent fix. They should probably be used as an aid in quitting the addiction altogether. That's my goal anyway.

Yeah, I ordered a Bloog maxx fusion the other day because I think I need to start out with something similar to a cigarette and I've heard mostly good things about it. A lot of people on that site seem to like the Bloog and many say it's one of the best of the cigarette style devices. That forum is the one that I've been using to learn about the devices and peoples' experiences with the e-cigs. I got a bunch of disposable Njoys from my mom last week, so I started with those since they're free to me, but I wouldn't buy a disposable with my money. So far though, I've been doing well with the Njoy disposables she gave me. I'm hoping the Bloog maxx fusion gets here in the next few days though.
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