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Somehow, the addition of another lace plant and some H. corymbosa make this tank feel a lot more balanced than it did before. Though, I'll be honest, this tank still feels relatively empty.

As you can see, I also moved the myro to over here, since I feel like it will fill out better in this spot. However, I think I might just want to replace this plant asap, as even though it is pretty, I feel like there are other similar looking plants that are probably easier to get rid of when I want to sell trimmings. That, or I could put some other sort of stem right here. There are now two good sized (in terms of the bulb itself) lace plants in this area, and in due time I'm expecting them to become monsters.

Still not quiet rooting as well as I would like, but this is the effect I'm going for with the windelov. Except even thicker and more condensed when it starts rooting and growing on its own.

These already have side shoots, and I know the plant is supposed to be a fast grower and a quick rooter, so I am very excited to see what this will do for me. It seems like a great background plant and is perfect for giving the anubias a little bit of shade.

These guys are a little camera shy. The big two are my original males, and I recently picked up another male and three females that are a bit smaller. They are getting along well with the other fish though, including the big bichir, so that is always lovely. I really love these fish in good size groups, they are so pretty with all of their colors and shine and flowing fins.

Couldn't resist snapping a pic of this little guy. I call him phallic cause of a conversation that occurred when I bought this albino sen. Note the size difference between this and the big endli. However, they feed right next to eachother and get along just dandy. I swear, bichirs are possibly the best fish ever.

Okay, I LOVE black ghost knifes, but GOD DAMN ARE THEY ANNOYING TO SNAP A PIC OF. However, I'm sure it will be easier once the fish gets adjusted and once there are more plants in the tank. Gotta pick up some bloodworms or something as well for this guy.

Dominant male Rainbow Cichlid. The scraps are because he likes to fight with the other two males in the hardscape of my tank. Oh cichlids, you silly things. I'm debating whether or not I should try and just have him with a female and remove the rest, or if I should just let the three be. He does show nice colors when he wants to get mad at the other males, but I think he'd show those yellows and even more if he had a lady to show off for.

Anyways, I'm waiting on plants that should be here wednesday and to set up my soon to be co2 system. Gah, I'm so excited I can hardly wait :P
Merry Christmas everybody.

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