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Pics, and progress, are slow on this tank so far. I'm STILL waiting on an order of plants (I'm worried, its been over a week and its cold now), but I did add a few things to this tank, namely the Echinodorus parviflorus and some sort of Val (probably jungle), as well as more dwarf sag. However, I also have begun placing the livestock I've been wanting into here as well. Right now, I've got 5 otos, 4 pygmy cories, and a blue velvet shrimp (I should pick up at least a male to go with this female, she just had eggs hatch and is nearly ready to make another batch).

Here is the one little blue velvet. This was right before the eggs hatched, and I'm hopping the offspring do well. You can also see some growth from the java fern rhizome (they started bear, have been growing noticeably since the ray2 has been put in). I still probably need to cut the rhizomes up a bit more though, since it seems only the ends are growing new material.

Tried my best to get a shot of all four, but man is it hard. Then again, maybe the fact I've only been using an iPhone for my picture taking could be a factor. They seem to be nice and spunky, I'll add 8 more at some point in time.

My smidge of Cambodia furcata. I might buy more when I get more pygmy cories, but I find that the stems you buy from the LFS tend to be leggier than I would like, so I almost prefer to just keep trimming and replanting from this small amount of growth. I'm sure it will take off in growth very very soon.

FTS again, going to look a lot nicer ones everything fills in more. One thing though that is bugging me, is that I really need to get better intake covering ideas, because this is just some floss I had lying around tied to the intake with fishing line, and it clogs up way to quickly. Should I get a mesh thing or a sponge thing, and do they make these for the penguin 100 filters?

The Echinodorus parviflorus, I know these things stay smaller than most swords, but I still want it to grow upwards and outwards significantly.

Otos, at least when first added, are somehow another difficult fish to capture well in pictures. I hope they do well, my luck with otos has never been great, but since this tank is much more understocked, I'm confident that I can keep them satisfied.

Anyways, there the tank is for now. I'm waiting on some plants that I hope are here wednesday, so adding those in will be nice. And hopefully I can setup the co2 system I just got asap (I'm waiting on the regulator actually getting to me, then I need the rest of the parts).
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