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I smoked for 13 years. I got sick and could not smoke for a day or so.
I realized I no longer wanted to smoke.

It's a decision.

Some of these crutches seem to help some. Worth a try.
Never did anything for me.

Craving issues got so much better after the 1st day, the 2nd day was not nearly as bad. A week later etc.

Then a year, then 10 years and so on.

I guess I did use 2 crutches: I started running, I never liked to smoke after the st year or so but I love to run. So traded one thing to take the edge off the other.

Gum, tic tac's, went through tons of that. And food taste 10X better, so you chow. I gained about 30-40lbs real quick. Hence the running. Even after you go cold turkey, there are still crutches and things you can do, but they can be very beneficial to you either way, even if you never smoked.

The e cigs are worth a try, heck, anything. Whatever works.

Tom Barr
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