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Has anyone made the switch form cigarettes to e-cigs?

Just wondering if anyone here has any experience switching from being a regular cigarette smoker to using e-cigs only. I've been a heavy smoker for 16 years and just tried an e-cig today and it seems like this might be able to keep me away from regular smokes.

I know the best thing to do is just quit all together, but I am not convinced of my ability to do so at this point and I've done a lot of research on e-cigs and they seem to be an effective way to significantly reduce the level of carcinogens I am inhaling and have little impact on cardiovascular function according to studies by the Boston University of Public Health.

What are your experiences?

Also... I see the spelling error in my title, but can't correct it. I know how to spell and I know the difference between from and form.
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