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I got this one for my Christmas present. I was very wary of digital as whichever one it was I had before was a pain to deal with but this one is easy to use. The few reviews I found mentioned that only the clock needs to be reset when power goes out but I didn't need to do even that when I moved it from the test station [kitchen] to the tank. It has 5 plugs on timers and each can have 6 on/off cycles a day plus an untimed plug.
It has been on the tank for only a week but so far so good. Nice not to have a tangle of timers and power strips. There is very little out there on this timer, I have the old power strips and timers ready to go back into service if this thing fails!

For $30 more I could have bought a real controller though. Not sure I want to get into all that though.
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