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Originally Posted by oldpunk78 View Post
You can remove it (the relief valve) and replace it with a 1/4npt plug at just about any hardware store or you can get a replacement relief valve at just about any welding supply. It might be difficult to remove (hard to turn it with a wrench) as victor usually glues them in.
This sounds like good advise to me, a cheap solution that will work for a long time. I'm no expert but I think the pressure relief valve is more for welders, etc. where tanks maybe subjected to high temperatures and violent movement in the back of a truck, etc., I know you can only paint your home tank white or silver because they are colors that reflect light and keep the tank cooler, I wanted to paint my outdoor tank black and after I called my supplier I was told black absorbed too much heat from the sun and the gas expansion would cause problems.

I've always been told that to prevent leaks you open the tank valve all the way because there is a seal at each end, now that is for a propane tank on a gas BBQ grille but I don't see why a 5# would be any different. That's all I can say except I'm sorry you waited all this time and then had a problem straight away, please keep me informed.

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