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Originally Posted by Lukeo85 View Post
Im not sure what they are but I do know they look badass. I like the yellow stripe. I also would like to know what they are.
I agree! That's why I had to get them!

Originally Posted by msjinkzd View Post
caridina spinata are the maroon ones (sulawesi, warm temp, high pH, low hardness), top most look like a rili (neocaridina).
Thanks! So the maroon ones are identified and confirmed. What about the bright red ones with the yellow stripes? It seems like there are a couple of different kinds in the second group of photos as some have some black spots on the tails and some do not. Any ideas?

Originally Posted by Soothing Shrimp View Post
If those are blue velvets, they are missing a lot of blue. Also, I've not seen the dark tail on any of my BV.

And those do look like yellow striped red bees. aka goldflake shrimp if I remember correctly. How much did you pay for them?
I agree with you on them being Blue Velvet as when I looked at the pictures they weren't very blue to me.

I got the "Blue Velvets" for $3.99 each and the Yellow Stripe Red Bees for $4.99 each.

Originally Posted by msjinkzd View Post
i always called them yellow fleck or something like that, i think. I cannot remember the common name.
Thanks for the link! Reading through it when I'm done updating.

Originally Posted by GeToChKn View Post
Those are red goldflake shrimp, they are a Sulawesi species, and unless you keep your cherry tank with hard, high ph water and warm temps, they probably won't do too well in there.

Here's so more info on them.
Thanks! I tested the water from the shrimp as I got them directly from the supplier at the store so they were never pulled out of their bags they were transported in from the fish farm they came from. The water tested at 7.4-7.6 PH and my cherry shrimp tank is kept at 7.2. My tap water is 7.6 and I am currently in the process of raising the ph to the 7.4-7.6 range using crushed coral. I'm letting all the water mix in as we speak to re-check the parameters and to get as close of a match of what the shrimp came in to help improve the chances of survival. The tank temp is also kept at 75 F and I just placed a heater in to raise the temp up in the 78 F range. When reading through the information provided by both you and msjinkzd it mentioned that these shrimp are a little hardier than most Sulawesi species. Fingers are crossed though! Just trying to match the water conditions they are accustomed to.

Originally Posted by ravensgate View Post
What a score....wish something around here sold sulawesi shrimp.
He was supposed to get Tiger's in for me today but was unable to get any on short notice . Still love what I got though!
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