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Thanks guys!!

@brian 12 gallon longs are really cool, but I wanna keep my current livestock, and theres no way I get a 2nd tank lol. Ik it is only a difference of 4 gallons but the dimensions are so different that I think it will be good. I hate how tall my tank is and not long enough. But I might do a 38 instead to add a couple more inches and do a fugeray but still keep it low tech. Your 26 looks amazing!! Manzinita scapes are my favorite and hopefully I will use it on my next tank.

@alex- I do agree that changing the shape is good. I think that black neons are more rounded than rummynose though. But the white tips look great! I will definitely consider those. I like lemon tetras too

**EDIT-How do you edit the thread title to include an update?

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