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I got to use digital with battery back up because I am running 8 different timers and one that controls three different outlets. I have 3 small screen brinks and two of the larger screen, one mechanical, a harbor freight one and the 3 channel timer for my lighting set up. I run three 2, 4', T-8 bulbs fixtures. So at 10am the first one turns on and 11am the next and noon the last one and vice versa starting at 5pm. I run different bulbs in each set up so it is like sunrise, full sun, then sun set. Then I have a total of around 30 watts of led's that turn on before the main lights and turn off after the main lights for added extra effect and color to the tank. Then with the power that goes out as often as it does where I live, I am not reseting that many mechanical timers. Then I have a algae grower to control, air pump/stones that turn on at night, the co2 system, a extra pump in 75g tank to circulate water several times a day. I think that is it. Oops one more mechanical timer that I always have problems with after about a year of operation on my ten gal. guppy tank light and oh one more that turns a light on at night in living room so my older father can see at night. So you can see why I went digital. And next time I am at H.F. I will pick up two or three spare timers after reading all this about the brinks digitals going out. Nice thing about digitals with battery back up after they are charged up, I can un-plug them and set them in my hand and plug them back in, in the hard to reach spots and no mechanical parts to wear out or gears to strip or motor to stop working.
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