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Fluval Stratum VS Eco-Complete VS ADA Aquasoil

From reading a bit from this forum and Google searches, this is how I would rank the three products above: ADA Aquasoil, Fluval Stratum, and Eco-Complete (from best to worst). Many people probably do no agree with this, but that is my conclusion.

The prices also match up with my conclusion, with the best product having the most expensive price.

On ADGshop, Aquasoil goes for 48 dollars for 21 pounds. That's roughly $2.28 a pound.
On Amazon, Fluval goes for 40 dollars for 16.7 pounds. I believe the 16.7 pounds is a mistake and it should actually be 17.6 pounds, resulting in a price of $2.25 a pound.
On Amazon, Eco-Complete sells for 21 dollars for 20 pounds. That's roughly $1.05 per pound.

I'm leaning more towards Aquasoil, but reading some forum posts, people seem to price a 21 pound bag of Aquasoil at like 60 dollars. This makes me kinda iffy on ADGshop selling legit Aquasoil. Can anyone confirm that they sell legit Aquasoil and if 48 dollars for 21 pounds of it is worth it.

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