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Originally Posted by Aquasapien69 View Post
I'm pretty sure Sbarbee54 was referring to Montmorillonite clay. I just bought a bag of SafeTSorb a few weeks ago and am trying it out. Do a search on this and other forums and you will find others that have been using it and other similar products for quite a while now. I also use Montmorillonite clay in my ADA substrate & flourite tanks. And........I even take a spoonful of it myself in a glass of water each day. Ya, it's tastes just like mud. But Most animals eat some sort of mineral, so I thought maybe they were smarter than me and I'd give it a try. At least it's not supposed to have any adverse effects.

Thats what im trying to find out, is if safetsorb will basically have the same positive results as plain calcium montmorillonite clay..
Its on 6 bux for a 50 lb bag so u can see that would be very cost effective
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