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Update on power supplies. Instead of 100mA power supply I received 300mA one from Transtronics as they do not sell 10mA anymore.

Tested 2822 with the following two PSUs after 3 hours of work:

1) Jameco 24v DC 400mA, UL listed (eBay)
2) OEM model AD-2430L - 24V DC 300mA, UL listed (Transtronics)

With Jameco, 2822 gets very hot, can't touch. With OEM from Transtronics, 2822 stays a bit warm but not hot at all. No issues with hodling or touching it.

While 2822 was powered I measured the input voltage on solenoid (output from power supply) for both units. With Jameco the voltage reading was 27.2v and with OEM 24.8v. This may explain why 2822 gets hot with Jameco power supply.
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