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Originally Posted by Soothing Shrimp View Post
So, just for kicks I did the math on this since I'm driven crazy by the weirdest things. LOL

If this is a 10g tank, the sponge you have roughly covers 120 inches.

If 4 large double sponge filters covered the back wall, it would cover 129 inches because of the cylindrical shape and top/bottom areas as well.

One thing for sure. Yours looks less obtrusive!
It'a 20gal and the sheets are about 16" x 16" so its 256 in^2, and about 1.5" thick so 384 cubic inches of space and only takes up 2" at the the back of tank. My second tank for I siliconed in the substrate divider last night, painted the bottom of the tank, have to hang the lights and flood the tank today. I'll get the foam on Wed, at Big Al's boxing day sale. Least save 10-20% of it and I'm sure I'll get a few more things.

This is more a test for me to find a decent system multiple tanks as I plan on building a nice rack within the next year or so, with all the tanks the same kind of setup. I know I can power the HMF with air as well, so air sponges, air driving that, trying to see if a full air-powered system would stand up, as many fish rooms are done this way. having 20 tanks, gets expensive in canisters, hobs, powerheads, etc. The best way to save cash is all driven and for ease of use. Should have pics of the second tank side by side this one today.


So the sosei seems to soften the pH of the water a small amount. I wasn't expecting huge jumps, but I am at about 6.7pH right now with a few does of the Sosei and RO water, no active susbstrate. I have 60+ shrimp in there, few berried, and this morning seen two nice clean, perfect molts laying there and the tank in a frenzy, so I will probably see another berry or two hopefully. So far, in general seems to be working out. 0 nitrates and everything else, gH 5-6, TDS 150, pH 6.7. The shrimp are very active in this new tank, I see them all the time and they seem to love the 256 sq inch sponge wall, I can usually 10 at a time on it.

20g platy, , 2 x 10g shrimp, 3 x 20g shrimp, 7.5g shrimp and 1 great dane/mastiff puppy.

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