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Overall the recovery process is rather slow because I was still battling the hair algae. I had to resort to chemical warfare, so the plants were not doing as well. I think I finally finally got the upper hand on them. By reducing the lighting to 6 hours, manually removing algae, algefix and excel, and double my circulation.

I did another round of maintenance yesterday, the tank is looking much better. I added 1/2 inch of used ADA aquasoil and osmocote root tab to all plants. The tank will be a pure grow out tank for the next couple of months because I want to do an all crypt rescape.

Also, I think I finally lost one of my favorite crypt. It is C. CF jacobsenii. I have been trying to baby this crypt for the past few months... but I have seen to lose the battle.

Onward to some tank pictures....

Full tank shot:

Left side:


Right side:

Auriculata Betong and Auriculata 'Tiger Stripe' Pakan... It has been two days and no sign of melting. They look like they are perking up.

I can't seem to get away from Downoi... it is one of my all time favorite plant. They came in a little rough but I think they will be fine. Another one of my upcoming project.

C. aponogetifolia is doing pretty well.

Alternanthera sp. 'variegated' is perking up too!

C. sp Bukit Ibam "Yellow Ring" is slowing recovering.

C. Nurii 'Rompin'

Bullosa 'Sarakei' - They are actually recovering very nicely. Each plant has grew 1-2 new leaves since the last update.

Mimina 'Gasser'

Bullosa 'Bario', this crypt has too recover very well.

Cordata KR01

Kota Tingii

Cordata 'Rosanervig'

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