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So....that new shrimp I bought that was berried, apparently at least some of the eggs hatched cause I saw a few baby shrimp. That's always nice.

But, I think I discovered why the is some dirt above my sand cap. Apparently, the dirt covered areas of sand have these worms coming out of them, but they retreat back into the substrate right when there is light. I'll try and get a pic but I doubt it will happen.

Not sure where they would have come from though....although, the first thing that came into my mind was from the soil I used. Something I did differently between this and my 5.5 was that I added some top soil I had laying around, and while I shifted through it to make sure that there weren't any wood chips or anything going into the tank, I kinda didn't think about worm eggs, even though I saw an earthworm in the top might also explain why the look so much like earthworms, but then again they also look different (they don't have that wider part that looks like a bandaid) so they could be something else, which would still be odd because all of these plants came from myself.

As long as the worms aren't harmful I don't mind their presence. In fact, since I apparently can't get MTS to get going (Ramshorns do fine for me though) these might be good for moving around under the substrate.

Anyone know what's going on?

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