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Originally Posted by Axelrodi202 View Post
I've now ordered a GLA Atomic Regulator V3, 50mm atomic diffuser w/ check valve, atomic bubble counter w/ integrated check valve, an extra atomic check valve, CGA 320 to paintball adapter, and a 24 oz paintball tank.

Will I need a perma-seal and pipe compound? How do I go about actually attaching the regulator to the full paintball tank?
The unit you picked out will make this easy. Without any tools or seals, screw the adapter into the v3. Then screw the paintball tank into the adapter. Done.

The reason it's so easy is because that atomic reg has a built in soft seal that does not require an extra washer or perma-seal on the cga-320 side. While I have not used one personally, the whole thing should just be hand tight.
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