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Originally Posted by DogFish View Post

If tomorrow PetSmartCos would remove all Betta from the Deli Cups and place them each in a dedicated aquarium rack system were each Betta was in a min. 5gl of filtered, heated water would you buy a Betta for $29?

If if imports were banned and only domestic Betta were for sale and there were only maybe 4 -5 Betta per store, kept as described about, would you pay $59 for a Betta?
Well just for myself, no because I don't really like bettas. I like dogs and shrimp haha. But the hypotheticals you posted sounds far superior to how they are currently kept. And it would probably keep people who view bettas as a cheap piece of entertainment for their kids from buying them-- $30 or $60 would deter a lot of people, and the people that do buy them would have more incentive to keep them alive because they're worth more.
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