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Cool steven's tanks

so, i think it's about time i break down and start sharing my aquariums progress with everyone.. i went around and snapped a pic of all of my running tanks, no hiding anything or pre-shot maintenance.
55 gallon malawi cichlids, pair of convicts, a pair of pictus cats, 3 cae and a blue gourami

65 gallons, community of mollies, guppies, 5bn plecos an array of cory cats and a few others. a personal favourite tank

de-rimmed... half filled 55.. holding a momma bumblebee with her mouth full of eggs.. she was getting picked on in the other 55 so i had to move her after a week of her holding eggs.. should be any day that she let's them out.. i hope i catch her in time =]

72 bow 4 angels, guppies, platys, 1m/2f bn plecos, zebra loach and rainbow shark...oh! and the banjo cat i adopted who never comes out.. ill catch him burrowing in the middle of the night sometimes though... crazy little guy..

29 gallon, cherry shrimp, ottos and bn pleco fry. could those little plecos kick up any more dust? probly..

10 gallon 2 virile crays + 6? shiners, 2 cae and a platy that was too small to see when i rehomed everyone else a few months ago

2 gallon lemonade dispenser thing.. =] male betta
this is a terrible picture and ill replace it soon.

10 gallon dirted with miracle grow cactus mix. white clouds.

and lastly for today, 29 gallon guppy, otto and cory tank with my girlfriends ten gallon leopard gecko tank
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