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did a large trim of the glosso today. just mowed it down instead of clipping at individual leaflets. I was inspired by this method: the hairgrass is really starting to perk up. cleaned the filter and added some new floss. a lot of snails living in the filter now that I removed the metal shrimp guard. trying to narrow in on 30ppm co2 (using the drop checker method)...rather...shooting for green. this morning the drop checker was yellow. too much co2. not a real concern for me right now because there isn't anything in the tank. that reading was with roughly 2bps. I'm hoping that going back to 1bps will get me within a more manageable range. also hoping for better results now that the staghorn is gone and my scape methods are leaning towards being more patient. keeping my fingers crossed for the glosso to bounce back after such a heavy buzz cut. I think that may encourage more shoots to grow horizontal. best, walter

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