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The difference with bettas and all those other animals you mentioned is that the standard rearing practice that these National chains push on the customers is CRUELTY-a miniscule enclosure with no filtration or circulation-and they set an example to these customers by keeping them in even smaller cups at the store. THEY ARE MARKETING CURELTY TO THE CUSTOMERS!!!! Just because you can find food that will suit these juvenile fish that are still developing rapidly (or maybe they are permanently stunted from being kept in horrendous conditions for a few months) doesn't mean your not feeding the beast by buying them. The argument that well we do other bad stuff to animals so therefore we don't need to quit this practice of mass torture of bettas DOESN'T MAKE IT RIGHT!! It needs to start with those with knowledge-the hobbyists- to get the word out that this is wrong. Sadly people are not developing character in this society anymore, the majority of people views living things such as these bettas the same as they would the latest Ipod so it's not going to just stop on it's own. Hopefully if enough of those who know, can send a sharp statement to the walmarts and the petcos and the petsmarts who are behind this they will get the message that it is animal cruelty and cease the practice.
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