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The one I got is pretty good for the price. While the mechanical stage control and coarse/fine adjustment knobs are less precise than I had hoped for, I think the tiny size of it makes up for it, and the fact that it was less than $200. The 100X oil immersion works alright, but a little less easy to use since the fine adjustment isn't so fine. Light source is an adjustable LED which is quite bright, white, and cool. The ocular lens head can be swivelled around 360 degrees. I'm pretty damned impressed with it.

If anyone is interested, here in the one I purchased:

As for how I take pictures, I just put my phone (Samsung Galaxy SIII) right up to an ocular and snap a shot. It takes a bit of practice to get it just right, but it's certainly doable. I've yet to try it with a point and shoot camera.

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