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Originally Posted by Aquatic Delight View Post
Your parks wildlife (or parks and rec depending) should have a list of all banned species. you will need the scientific name to properly identify.

just because it is for sale in stores does not mean it is legal to own. Here in texas Apple Snails are on the banned species, but they are for sale at nearly every LFS in San Antonio. I have seen Asian Tiger "Lobsters" for sale at 3 different stores. I bought one, and a found out a couple months later that they to are on the banned species list here in TX.

it turns out that in FL you need a permit for Red eared sliders (turtle), and nearly all crayfish are banned but i didn't see anything about ADF

The red ear sliders you can get if albino or another morph (think that is what it is called).

I have Maps in my pond and was interested in the Albino sliders but read many go blind or have impaired vision so did not get one because in a tank with haul out area that is one thing but in a pond that is another and would be scared with a blind turtle.

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