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Originally Posted by HypnoticAquatic View Post
id lean more to pdf or something thats a nice tank for them imo, use a pump to make a waterfall or hook up 2 spray/misters hidden in the front corners with 90 heads get the "seconds" timer from misk king and set up your background how ever you want plants/cork/waterfall etc. set it up right you prob have little work other than making food for them. ive really been wanting to set up a 46g bow that i got for free and trying these guys*azureus* cant say they dont look awesome can ya :p

if you wanted a tank that size to hold water prob cheaper just to get a new one during the petco sales ?
No, it wouldn't be cheaper to get a new one, as I already have the tank, and there's something I have in mind that would only work with this shape of tank sadly. And with the door being made out of glass, it will keep the humidity in perfectly.

The reason I want to know if it will hold water is because I plan on having water sitting in part of the bottom, and I know most reptile tanks are not sealed to hold water. While on the other hand, this ones designed to also be able to be used with a water fall system, but since I am turning it on its side, I do not think the sides would be sealed the same as the bottom..

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