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So today I went on a crazy trip all over the Bay Area to pick up a filter, fish, and plants.

Got home and started scaping my tank like crazy. I had previously bought a sponge filter and have been using it in my old tank so I seeded it pretty good, which should help the transition of this new tank That as well as my old canister filter.

First I used my mom's expensive silicone spatula to lay down the Fluval Shrimp Stratum. Looks dark which I had not expected but I do like it. Next I cleaned the rock. I grabbed some lava rock for a hardscape. Figure that it was porous so it would help with biological filtration as well as allow me to place moss there in the future. In total, all the lava rock cost me a whopping....$1.54. Score.

Next was planting the plants. I used Eleocharis flavescens as well as what I think is chain sword, or something similar. From Speedie so thank you Speedie!

The whole idea of the scape was to have a Lion King almost feel with Pride Rock on the right and Scar's land on the left. So Pride Rock side is majestic and heavily planted while Scar's side is meager and very sparse. I tried to capture this using 2 different plants. The middle is barren, almost like a divide between the two. Not sure what to do there yet but any ideas would be awesome

Pride Rock

The Scar Lands

Finally was the fish addition I used in this Vietnamese White Clouds, an homage to my culture but I figured I should have "clouds" in the sky above my scape.

The FTS is hard to get cuz I am behind my Christmas tree at the moment but afterwards it should be good
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