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I've neglected my journal! This needs some updates, which will come a bit later when I get some better shots of the tank. It is (lightly) stocked now, though!

2x Bristlenose
6x Bolivian Rams
2x Amano Shrimp

I've been noticing some aggression between the bristlenoses for some time now (they've matured quite a bit since they were first introduced to the tank). Is it any cause for concern? I don't think much real damage is being done, but I do occasionally see a ripped fin on the submissive one (he's mostly unphased though and still chomps through fresh spinach like there's no tomorrow).

Originally Posted by alipper View Post
Really like the setup. I'm trying to get ideas on a 75 gallon I plan on doing also. The only thing I'd add to your plants would be some Amazon swords. Where did you order your plants from? is where I picked them up, pretty good quality and pricing point. They did come with a few hitchhikers, though, so you might want to do a dip before tossing them in if you're bothered by snails (I think it was just eggs though, since all I ever saw were baby snails).
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