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55 gallon breakdown - plants and fish in N. Tampa/Lutz

I've grown tired of my 55 gallon setup. I feel like I've been neglecting the fish, the plants and just the overall maintenance of the tank. The fish still seem happy as evidenced by my BN plecos repeatedly breeding and the plants are doing well enough considering I rarely fertilize or prune them anymore.

I'm not pricing anything, but if you want to give me a donation to go towards my next project, that would be cool. Give me what you think is fair.

PM me if you want to come by and check out what I have. I definitely don't want to ship any fish, but I might ship plants.

13 Glowlight tetras
2 Dwarf Flame Gouramis
7 Columbian Tetras

10-12 BN plecos left (keeping the breeding pair...for now)

Various crypts
Temple - withered away, threw it out
Amazon sword - also withered, threw it out
Anubias (I could be convinced to cut off a chunk or two, but keeping most of it)
One wisteria plant left

I'm keeping the following: filter, powerhead, inline heater, driftwood, rocks.

The aquarium itself is beat to hell, with TONS of scratches and a decent sized crack that I messily patched back in 2001. It's been holding for 11 years...I believe I got the tank back in 1995. If somebody wants it for whatever reason, feel free to take it home when I'm done with the breakdown process.

The stand is a decent AGA pine stand, I'd like to get some money out of it. The canopy is a hastily crafted, yet functional piece and really doesn't have any value. I'll be keeping the light.

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