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This is my fluval spec V Iíve had up and running for about 3 months.

Currently have 2 threadfin rainbows, 3 danio galaxy, an oto, and 2 CRS and 3 ghost shrimp. Since setting up the tank Iíve only lost 1CRS to what looked like a molting problem, but that was just a couple of days after introduction - the other two have seemed fine for 2 months now.

The plants are all stock plants from Petsmart, but have really done well. Currently 25% of the water is changed weekly, with daily Excel doses.

The only modifications I made to the setup was the addition of an off brand LED light (8000K white/12000K blue) and an AquaClear 20 powerhead to get some water agitation for increased CO2. The tank is divided up into two minor eco systems. The left side is brighter, open, with faster water movement. The right side is darker with slower water movement. The oto loves the quicker brighter side, while the shrimp hang out more on the darker quieter side. I gave up taking pictures of the fish, they move to fast.

I have been surprised at the plant growth. Need to get in there a do a little aquascaping, but some tools bought on Amazon are wrapped and under the Christmas tree.
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