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Originally Posted by Grundy View Post
Good news: it has finally cleared up and I can see into the tank for a change. I threw my driftwood into the tank to start that process (though I have been soaking this entire time outside the tank) and was moving some of the substrate around. It made a small cloud but settled quickly. From your statement above I too started wondering if the more I did with it the more it would break down so that could make sense.

This will be a low light tank for my 6 yo son in his room and plan on doing just moss attached to the driftwood and maybe something in the substrate. I have one piece of driftwood that I plan on suspending in the water column so that it looks like a root wad suspended from the bank and to allow the fish to swim under and through the “roots”.

The important thing is he is as excited as I am.
That's so great to hear it cleared up! Wish I would have remembered that earlier (about messing around with it too much it) .. might have some you some time & aggravation.

It seems once it gets more settled you can disturb it more and not cloud the water. It will create a little dust cloud where you are disturbing it but it doesn't seem to cloud the whole tank anymore. I still mess around in my tank way to much.

As for buying plants like the Anubias mentioned check the For Sale/trade forum. I also like to buy from . Even now you might still be able to get some delivered .. just try to time it with the warmer weather. He insulates the plants really good & guarantees live delivery with some caveats and special rules .. read the Store Info page for the particulars). Or email him. He's in AZ and you being in TN the package should stay on the southern route and you might not have a problem. Just noticed you're not too far from me. I'm up in the Tri-Cities area. My last order shipped 11/14 and was delivered 11/16 so should be similar for you .. EXCEPT for this week which is the busiest week of the year for shipping. Wait until after Christmas.
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