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Since I updated, I got 12 pumpkin neos off of Aquabid. Looked pretty good. All very small for the most part. One female was a little bigger than the rest. Seemed to ship well and settle well into the tank.

Surprisingly today, the largest female is berried. Weird. Didn't think she was big enough, but cool nonetheless.

I'd also bought two more Amanos prior to adding the pumpkins. So I had 3 Amanos after the first one went exploring across the carpet as mentioned above. 2 Originals - 1 wandering shrimp + 2 new ones.

Today again I have two Amanos, after another one tried to escape by climbing up the filter and getting stuck. Gah. I really don't know how to control that. I thought running the water a bit lower to create more turbulence where the water dumps in the tank might have been helping, but I don't know. I'm going to look into getting some acrylic or lexan maybe to cut a new top that I can make fit flusher, but I need to figure out a way to secure it on the lip of the glass (or within the lip). Since I switched heaters, this new one causes the glass to have a bit more gap between the top and the tank, which is where they're trying to escape.

Ideas welcome.

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