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Sand capped with fluorite (plant mix)?

Is this a really stupid idea? I know I'm new in the hobby, but I feel like it's worth asking. So I have some left over fluorite from another tank that I set up and I was thinking of adding some more depth to my substrate in my 20 gallon tall, low tech tank. It's heavily planted and growing very well and the substrate is a mix of a black and white sand from my lfs and Eco complete (leftover from a friend). the depth is about 1.5-2" in front and as deep as 2-3" in back. my only issue is that I really don't want to disturb my whole tank by removing all my plants and fish and redoing everything. So this may be a dumb question but can I cap my sand with the fluorite? Or is that a bad idea? I want to use the fluorite and it's not enough on it's own to be deep enough. I know this might be a dumb idea but I heard someone mention they'd capped sand in the low tech forum and was hoping for a response.
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