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BEGINNNER-looking to buy BEGINNER plants

Hello everyone, I'm looking to put some plants into my 90 gallon tank, so far I have 3 lava rocks and some plastic plants which i don't really like because they seem to build algae and look pretty bad.I have 2 catfish and 2 sevrums which don't seem to care much if there are plants or not as long as they have the rocks.I'm looking to get some plants which can grow on their own without the need of CO2 and high-tech things like that, and it would be nice if they can grow pretty fast too.(Maybe javas,anubias,wisteria)I live in North York ,Toronto and water pH is b/w7.2-7.4.I don't want to spend a lot of money buying plants from pet-stores because they are pretty expensive.If you know a place that sells plants cheaper or you sell them let me know.

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