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Originally Posted by Elppan View Post
Heeeey! You are all the awesome people to ask, I'm looking at getting a Nikon dslr on the lower end of the price range. Going to use my tax check for it so I figured I'd start research now. I own a Kodak advanced point and shoot now (the step between dslr and p&s) I have never owned a dslr :-(

I DID however learn how to shoot a film slr, and develop my own film. I MISS film cameras, and i really miss having the power of a slr in my hands. I'm really big on nature photography
To not totally muck up your thread just pm me some things I should look out for.

I'm broke as a joke lol so LOWER priced cameras (under 700$ and as close to $500 as possible lol) I don't really know what's out there so a point in the right direction would be great, so after taxes i can join your club! Lol
In that price range you can get a used d5100, D300, D3100, D2x, and more. There are lots of choices to be made. However if you have any m42, m39, etc lens mounts that you might want to use on the Nikon body beware. Nikon is the most incompatible body for those type of older lens. The Nikon flange focal distance is too great of all DSLRs out there. A Sony body or Canon would be better in that regards. If not then a Nikon would work.

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