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Repairing tank with cracked bottom

I'm sorry if this isn't the right place, but I'm at work and couldn't find anywhere that seemed like a better place to put this.

So my friend recently purchased a very nice 30 gallon tank, but didn't realize until after she brought it home that there was a small crack in the bottom pane of glass.

I have an extra piece of glass from a 10 gallon tank I tore down, and I was wondering if I could sort of "patch" the glass so to say? I was thinking if I used enough aquarium safe silicone, maybe I could silicone the crack real good then place the extra panel of glass (it covers the entire crack + like 5 inches or more on every side) over the crack and get the edges sealed real well with silicone also.

Has anyone ever tried this? Does it sound like a disaster waiting to happen? We filled the tank 3/4 of the way with water and it didn't leak or crack anymore so I really hope it's doable, I can't afford to replace the entire bottom at the moment, Thanks.
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