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Originally Posted by Monster Fish View Post
Nice endli. You aren't afraid of it eating your other fish?
Nope, at least, not the current fish. I've had this guy for like, 6 or 7 years now, and in that time, the only fish he ever ate on me where rainbow fish that were not fully grown. He would wait until night when they would be chilling at the top sleeping, and then just inhale them. Its funny, because he doesn't really like going after food at the bottom of the tank, but if it's floating at the top he will swim right to it and devour it.

If it is bigger than his mouth though, he is fine with it, and quiet honestly, if it isn't a fish that sticks near the top, he is okay with it too. Back when he was only a 10" monster, I had a baby EBJD (A little 2 incher) that I kept with him....and I watched as they both tried eating the same food and he only nicked the little fish and then swam away. He grew up with that EBJD until it became a nice 6" fish, until that ENJD died when I went away for three week

But he is totally cool with the pearl gourami's and the cichlids. Only thing though is that, the pearls have to be a decent size, because I tried smaller blue gourami's once and he ate them after they would fight with each other. Again, he took them out when they were at the top......which might be why my pearls like to be all over the place, which I am okay with because they still have great colors (even though its only two of them now.....I need more asap)

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