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Originally Posted by SpecialEffect View Post
My leafs on my amazon are curling up..
Wondering if i need to add magnesium.

Another question only way to know my calcium and magnesium is with a tester right?

How do i add magnesium or calcium to my aquarium?

Using pfertz [m], [n], [p] & [k]
Dosing flourish iron, and flourish excel aswell.
Mg++ deficiency is a little more common than many assume.

It's one of two things: veining of leaves, common in Swords and in Anumbias, but few other species.

The other is a general color loss of greens and slower limited rate of growth.

Adding MgSO4 back will restore the green color very fast(it's the central atom in Chl a, b etc, other wise the molecule is grey in color). and should restore the veining issue in a few days.

I've had everything from 0.3 ppm in tap up to about 50ppm of Mg. In dense tanks where folks do not add any known source of Mg, it can and does happen, most often when folks assume their GH is a nice balanced ratio of Mg and Ca, sometimes it is all Ca++, but extremely rarely, it might be mostly Mg, I've never seen a tap like that yet but perhaps one does exists somewhere. GH measures both Ca and Mg, not both.
If you dose a known source of GH, say GH booster, which is about a 1:4 Mg/Ca, then you know you will not be limiting.

Or most add MgSO4 to their CMS mix for traces.

Tom Barr
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