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Originally Posted by Snowflake311 View Post
My husband is saying I should wait for a camera with wifi. The D3200 has a wifi adapter the D5200 is said to have the same. I don't feel I need wifi I want a camera to take great photos.

I think Pentax is going to push nikon and canon to up their game in these next few years. My first SLR was a 1978 Ricoh it took great shots till the shutter broke in 2006. I learned a lot from that camera, it served me well. I have a soft spot in my heart for Ricoh. Seeing that they own Pentax now it could be good.

Also the Pentax K mount has been used for many years so I am sure I can find some nice used lens for the Pentax. The Pentax has In body stabilization So I don't need a lens that has stabilization in it. That is a ++ in my book. seeing that the lens is just lens with no stabilizing they will be cheaper then Nikon that has in lens stabilization.

Canon just does not do it for me. They don't feel right. I know they can take some great photos the set up is just not for me. So they are out.

Pentax is not a lesser brand. Back in the 70s they were the Pepsi. Then well they slacked off the last people that owned them ran them into the ground sadly. There is still hope that they can turn it around and be back on top. Only time will tell.

Here is the review that makes it so hard to decide.
Check the specs and see what you would want.
You're not going far enough. Not only can you use any K-mount lens you can also use M42 lenses aka Pentax Screw Mount.
A few years ago, before I go the K10D I was buying quality used lenses on FleaBay. And they were cheap. The K10 came around and they started going up. After the K20 they skyrocketed from where they were. Lenses I bought for $10 are going for over $100 now.
Hoya was the last before Ricoh.

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