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I would trim the Java moss close to the wood and put the clippings on bare spots and on any other hard scape you can find. When it grows back out it will look more natural. Be sure to rinse the moss as clean as you can with dechlorinated water before clipping it.

Place the largest or tallest piece of wood at about 1/3 the way along the length of the tank and the other one close by making sure it is lower and probably closer to the front of the tank. If it can go in a more horizontal axis than the vertical larger piece that would be great. Then place the smallest piece at the other end of the tank. Now look at the arrangement and move the pieces until you like the picture they make.

I have no idea where your Anubias is! It might look good wedged between the two larger pieces of hardscape if you want to move it from where ever it is now.

If you can find flat pebbles, maybe those black or red Mexican beach pebbles, bits of flagstone or possibly even a broken ceramic tile you can tie the leftover moss to them with many windings of fishing line or nylon thread. Then place them in the tank as you please. Maybe a winding green path between the larger mossy pieces? Maybe along the front of the tank? Pick them up, rinse off and trim when they get too messy for your liking.

Or you could make a moss wall. These take a lot of patience and I don't know that I have ever seen a grown in one plus java moss doesn't have the nice growth patterns of some other mosses. Do google it to see if you are interested in making one. You can sew the moss to window screen and suction cup it to the back of the tank [loads of work] or take 2 pieces of plastic needlepoint mesh and make a sandwich and use suction cups to attach to the back of the tank.

Or, something I saw here a while back, make mossy ropes by either tying the moss to the rope or untwisting it and putting it between the sections of the rope to hold it on, then trim it short. A non organic rope would last longer of course. How to use the rope, not sure, but it is an interesting idea. Google comes up with some photos anyway.
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