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CO2 coming out reg relief valve

I just got a used tank today, hydrostat just a few days ago and filled... 2 hrs after setting it all up I am in the bathroom and hear my CO2 venting out my reg release valve. Tried opening up the pressure but it's still venting. I bought the regulator from the SnS and it has been in storage until today. Victor VTS-250C

I am pretty new to this but I followed instruction guides. Attached the reg (permaseal), started with everything closed, opened up the tank, brought the working pressure up to ~30 psi, plugged in the solenoid and fined tuned needle valve to about ~2 bps. It was fine for 2 hours and then all of a sudden it started venting. What's up?

I am about to go away for a few weeks so I would like to at least get this thing NOT blasting CO2 in my face before I leave. I won't be leaving it running just in case.

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