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I am not sure if this was meant for me, but if so, yes, I am aware of what you mention. I used the same fertilizers under the PPS Pro scheme as under EI.

What I meant to say was that I started with PPS Pro, added a bit more Nitrate and Phosphorous as I observed plant growth and green spot algae. When I arrived at the point where adding more didn't help, I looked at my spreadsheet and realized I was dosing ppms that were very close to a 1/2 dose of EI for the amount of water in my tank.

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You do realize that EI is a specific fertilization scheme with substances in different ratios than PPS-Pro right?

EI is not a scheme of dosing ANY fertilizer. It is a scheme for dosing the specific fertilizers specified by the recipe. PPS-Pro contains other compounds as well. You can easily unbalance the aquarium by dosing PPS-Pro per EI.

My two cents.
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