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Quick update, sorry no pictures...

Most of the plants are doing well:
  • Lobelia Cardinalis - Growing like little weeds. I'm pleased with their progress. I've seen pearling under the leaves every night that they have been in my tank. Hopefully I'll be able to separate some babies from momma plants within the next month or so. I'd like to be able to make this a staple plant along the front/right side of my tank.
  • Crypt Wendtii Tropica Red - They seem to have adjusted just fine to my tank. A few of the leaves from a few of the plants melted away to nothingness, but the majority of what I started with is thriving. I'm even seeing new leaves develop! I'm just curious how others are able to make this plant really thicken out. Maybe they just need time to fill out...
  • Anubias nana - All of these guys seem to be doing fairly well. I'm seeing new leaves sprout from the rhizomes, so that gives me confidence that they're ok.
  • Lilaeopsis brasiliensis - I'm excited about what I'm seeing with this foreground plant! I planted it so that the portions were more or less in a checkerboard pattern. I'm starting to see little sprouts coming out of the substrate all around each of the portions that I planted. I guess this means that little runners are already starting to sprawl. I'm glad that this is going to live in my tank! I've always wanted a decent foreground carpet, but I've never had one! Maybe this will be my first...
  • Red Melon Sword - It's looking healthy. No melting or fading or wilting at all. It has even put out two new leaves since I planted it. I guess that good light, high CO2, and regular doses of dry ferts helps this plant! I'm hoping to see some big growth out of this guy soon!
  • Blyxa Japonica - Unfortunately, each of the five portions of this plants that I ordered have either melted completely to nothing or are heading in that direction. I'm at a loss. Internet research has given me some hope for their recovery, but it's not really looking very good at this point. What was initially five healthy looking little bushes is now five rather slimy and puny looking heaps of crap. Oh well. If this plant crashes and burns, lobelia cardinalis will replace it!
  • Red Tiger Lotus - Another awesome plants. I plopped the bulb in the tank and let it settle amongst the driftwood and crypts. I honestly forgot I even had this bulb in the tank until yesterday. I checked for new growth on my crypts and saw this brown ball with little red triangular sprouts coming out of it. I'm pretty pumped to see how this thing turns out. I'm going to relocate the bulb to a more accessible location next WC.
  • Jungle vals - Growing like a friggin' weed! I placed a single order and was shipped 10 separate plants. I only used three of the ten because the other seven were pretty puny and didn't look good. Those three have put out probably 3-5 new shoots since I planted them. The shoots that already existed are probably 5" longer. This plants is truly a weed!
  • Flame moss - I tied it to some driftwood near the Koralia Nano 240 to get maximum flow. I'm not sure what is going on with this plant, but it's developed some sort of white feathery looking stuff on it. I don't know if it's some sort of algae or a weird variety of new growth. I'm going to just let it do its thing without worrying about it. I've learned that, with moss, you can't be too impatient. It's like waiting for water to boil when you're waiting for moss to grow........sometimes it just doesn't ever happen!
  • Crypt parva - This little patch of green is not really doing anything yet. It's not dying, but it's not really growing either. Oh well, it'll make a move one of these days!
  • RAOK stems - They are growing very well. Here in another week or two I'll trim the tops and replant. I'm really glad to have them now that they're here!
  • Java Fern - New leaves developing... Healthy looking...
  • Frogbit - Multiplying daily. This stuff can sure grow in a hurry...

The EI method is working pretty well so far! I'm glad that this new setup is closer to the front porch (in my office). It's easy to get the water-hose in and out of the house. WCs are simple and quick. I just did a 50ish% WC last night. I dosed my dry ferts, threw some Seachem Flourish in and added a few Flourish root tabs while the water level was low. I'm sure that things will start to explode in the tank fairly quickly with my dosing regime.

I have LOADS of pond snails now. I found a single snail a week ago and now the little boogers are everywhere! Looks like I need some snail control...

Sorry about the novel. I promise some pictures within the next few weeks....

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