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Just before the Pentax K-10D came out I was looking to buy Canon's latest and greatest. The body was like 8 grand. So the total system I wanted was about 25-30 grand. Almost stroked the check for it. Then I saw the Pentax. Now I've been a Pentax shooter for over 30 years so I have a lot of equipment for it. The deciding factor for me was that all of my lenses worked (to the extent of the lens) on the Pentax bodies. Still holds true. Sure there are a couple that don't without modification (cutting extra metal on the mount of a Vivitar) but the thing is they ALL get image stabilization. So you ask: "Is Pentax a pro camera?" Well I know of quite a few that shoot pro with it. Ben Kanarek shoots for Vogue with a Pentax to drop just one name. Many of the things that we consider "standard" on SLR's today were pioneered by Pentax. And they have some excellent glass both new and used. Its right up there with the big 2 and in some aspects exceeds them for less cost. Pentax is now owned by Ricoh so they do have money behind them now.
Although I am a Pentax shooter I will say you will not regret either choice. Cameras today are about the same. It's a matter of which you're comfortable holding and using. I prefer the layout of Pentax menus over Nikon's. The stuff I use all the time is right there.

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