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Pentax or nikon ?

I was taking photos of a new slow fish and my stupid god awful self cloning crayfish. The crayfish grabbed my brand new fish and tried to eat it. My daughter screams I grab a net with my camera still in hand. So in the heat of the moment my old Olympus E410 touched water. it is now dead. It turns on but does not work right. Its clearly damaged. It's has been a few days and still it's not right. it was 5 years old. That's old in the digital world.

So it's time for a new dslr. It's down to the pentax k-30 or the Nikon d5100. I have tested out both. They both feel right that's what makes it so hard. The pentax did seem to be set up more to my likening. On paper the k30 is a better camera. I know the new d5200 are about to come out so I can get a good deal on the d5100. That's the only thing really making this hard.

Is the k30 worth the money? Or would I be just as happy with the d5100.

It's $700 vs $550 this includes glass on both. Biggest draw back with the k30 is the lense when in auto setting is loud. Embarrassing loud. The d5100 has been out a while and all the bugs are worked out. I like that.

Seeing that water was the death of my old camera the weather proofing on the k30 might save me a lot of money.

Anyone have any ideas? I know a few of you are big on nikons.

Ps. I did manage to save the fish from the crayfish. The crayfish are to be destroyed. They eat all plants and hunt and kill fish. They are awful. They are taking over the world as an invasive species.

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