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different aquasoils you mean? yes different ones will buffer the pH do different levels. read the desriptions on their site, i think they say which substrate buffers to what pH.
For CBS you will want just the regular stuff. NEW Amazonia aquasoil is good enough.

you dont have to rinse it but it will get insanely cloudy. run a filter for a few days and keep cleaning out the sponge from all the silt it filters out. eventually it will clear up. the cycle takes a very long time, so be patient.

Here is the site i used to get mine:

plant the tank at the start (once the tank clears.) during planting you'll kick up dirt and it may get cloudy again but dont worry. it will clear.

you dont need to use a fish or even pure ammonia to cycle it. the soil is designed to release ammonia on its own, and if you use seeded filter media, you should have a shorter than 1 month cycle

Aquasoil is prone to getting cratered by flow. my aquaclear hob makes a small crate where the outflow is. point outflows at walls or upwards. dont point at substrate. shrimp should be fine with overfiltering and medium-high flow but make sure you put sponge prefilters onto the intakes of all filters and powerheads. this also helps to slow down flow to a comfortable level.
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