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Originally Posted by Newman View Post
I'd use aquasoil as a substrate. you can go with UGF but personally I would just keep it simple and run the canister or a hob plus a sponge filter. try to overfilter it if you can.

if you choose aquasoil, you'll want to cycle it for a long while, until the ammonia stops leaching. its definitely worth it though because you will be able to grow really nice plants. the buffering is ideal for CBS too.

Thanks Newman,
I really appreciate your help. I was thinking about the aquasoil as well. I have a ton of questions so please bear with me.

Are there certain ones that work better or is it just a preference of color?

Do you need to rinse it first before you introduce it to the tank?

Is there a good place to get it?

Also should I re-plant the tank at the start of the tank or wait till it is done cycling?

Oh and another thing, should I use a fish to help cycle the soil or will the seeded filters do the trick to help with the ammonia?

Next subjectů.. Is a fast current bad for these shrimp? I have the canister filter outlet on a spray bar at the right side of the tank shooting at the surface of the water. Also the power head attached to the hydro sponge filter is in the left side of the tank shooting towards the right front of the tank. There is a slight terbulance in the middle of the tank. I started using the canister filter due to the HOB blasting a crater in the top of the Fluval Shrimp Stratum. Is the Aquasoil denser? Should I go back to the HOB with the aquasoil? Again, sorry for the questions.
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