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12/19/12 Update

WHEW so I figured that I would get this updated while I have about five minutes or so tonight

The XMAS moss has happily been filling in and is just about due for a trim and attachment to the rocks to get that moving, I tried the mesh on the rocks however the fish knock it off so it's time for some attachment measures

I thought this was a cool shot with the guppies at the top yea I know they're there for the air because the CO2 is running happily tonight -- on a side note they keep breeding I was down to 4 a month or so ago....

One of my YOYO's chillin in the cabomba I've pulled most of it up and replanted it so it's more dense in the corner which has opened up some room for IDK what I'll figure something out

These baby Amazons are just about ready to be put up to look for a new home what do you think?

Even the swords like the cabomba updated setup

And the Moneyshot AKA the FTS

Thanks guys, as always suggestions, comments, questions are welcome
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