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Update Time

Its been a while since I updated but I have some new photos!

First, A FTS:

Things are growing very well, and after the last move-around, I've not touched it.

These Are the left side of the tank:

The Golden Pothos is really loving this emersed set up. I've used 2 tiny suction cup hooks to hold some longer pieces of the pothos out of the water, but roots have formed from almost every joint and grow into the tank.
The anthurium on this side is also doing very well, and the leaves are big and green and there are 2 new ones since planting it. Both the Anthurium and the Pothos are actually doing better inside the tank than their donor plants are doing outside.

The Right Side of the Tank:

This side is actually my favorite. The giant cluster of lungworth and pilea on the very end is actually a trellis raft attached to the spath. The spath is growing beautifully with lots of new leaves, but remains relatively small.

The little bamboo looking plant whose name escapes me is probably the fastest grower in the bunch. Its become much taller in the last few weeks.

For those of you looking, I did end up lose that Ruella despite the soaking. Everything else made it out okay, but the Ruella ultimately lost all its leaves and then turned super dark.
I also recently ordered flourish tabs and will be fertilizing everything once that arrives.

I may be reaching out to Hydrophyte sometime next year for a couple more hangers, since I have 2 unused rafts Id like to attach to something. but, Overall im pretty happy with this little project tank.
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